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Software engineer with 10 years business experience

I am a full stack web developer with a track record of making significant and self-directed contributions in dynamic environments. Leveraging a decade of business experience from Fortune 100 to startup, I offer informal leadership and a user-centric approach, being proactively involved through all phases of the development lifecycle. I love to work on products that are end user facing and I thrive in an environment where I can work closely with product and design to achieve business results.

I am currently flexing my leadership muscle by volunteering as Head of U Admissions for the youth mentorship program of Out in Tech, the world’s leading nonprofit for LGBTQ+ techies.

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Technical Skills

Expert in JavaScript and its ecosystem for frontend and backend development. Also have professional experience in SQL, GCP, AWS, logging, alerting and Jest testing.


What people I have worked with have to say...

"Agi delicately balances data/tech/analytic thinking with human-focused, compassionate thinking. She can project from data just as easily as she can work from the "experience" back to the numbers. Agi is a delight to work with - powerful, fun, focused, driven, and empathetic. I wish we were still working on the same projects together."

Gavin Farrington
Manager, Product Operations at Cambly Inc.

"Agi is a talented engineer with an analytical mindset. She breaks down the challenge in front of her, does the necessary research to ensure that her solution is optimal, and goes about implementation in a thoughtful, diligent way. I worked with Agi on a number of projects and she was always extremely reliable. She's also a pleasure to work with on a personal level and I would love to again!"

James Ellis
Senior Data Platform Engineer at Bowery Farming

"Working with Agi is an absolute joy. Beyond being a highly skilled engineer, she is deeply empathetic, collaborative and kind. I look forward to opportunities to work with her again."

Kate MacDermott
Director of Product at Grow Progress

"Agi has an inspiring and genuine interest in learning and care for others. When I met her, she was organizing a series of study groups that didn't exist before for the online cohort at Flatiron. Not only did her work directly support the other people in the cohort - which was really cool to watch happen - but impacted the way Flatiron works with their online students and curriculum, leading to lasting change. She can code, too!"

Alec DuBois
Software Engineer

"Heads up! Agi is an asset to have on your team. In fact, have you ever met someone that you just feel compelled to start a business with? She's the type of person I think of.

Things you should know: She is a natural at strategic thinking, an incredible communicator, adaptable, and I really admire her ability to think about the future of a project or business with consideration of sustainability and the impact of people in mind through the entire process. She has this superpower to execute complex problems while also keeping a considerate eye on the big picture."

Stacey Mae Smith
Owner at Lilo Homes and Lilo Life

Featured Projects

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Lilo Homes

A marketing website for rental properties in Upstate New York.

A marketing website with a CMS and mobile responsible design, following client's brand book.

Next.js for static generation using Airtable as a lightweight CMS. Tailwind CSS for styling, customized for client's branding.


  • CMS controlled by client
  • SEO
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Image carousel

My Minimony

A React app for saving and sharing ideas for tiny weddings.


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